Lab Members

Emma FarleyPI

Emma started the Farley lab at UCSD in September 2016. She has a joint appointment in the School of Medicine and Biological Sciences.

Fabian LimBiological Sciences Graduate student

Fabian recently won the best talk at the UCSD Biological Sciences retreat.  She pinpoints enhancer variants that alter gene expression and phentoypes. Here work was recently published in Nature

Simran JanduUCSD Undergraduate

Simran is an undergraduate majoring in Biology and Computer Science. She works with Joe on computational pipelines to study enhancers.

Krissie TellezNSF Postdoctoral Fellow

Krissie joined us in 2020 and got the NSF Research Fellowship in Biology. She is developing novel tools to study enhancers. 

Alexis BantleBiological Sciences Graduate student

Alexis joined the lab in 2021 and won an AHA predoctoral fellowship in 2023. She studies human heart enhancers.

Sydney LiaoUCSD Undergraduate

Sydney joined the lab in 2023. She works with Fabian and Simran and is currently studying enhancers in limb development.

The humble Sea Squirt Our favourite model organism
Emerging Star of Functional Genomics

Image by Stefan Siebert <>

Granton JindalPostdoc

Granton joined the lab in Nov 2017. He studied Bioengineering at Caltech and was a graduate student at Princeton University. He recently published a paper on heart enhancers in Developmental Cell

Joe Solvason BISB Graduate student

Joe joined the lab in June 2019. He is a computational graduate student and studies enhancer grammar. He works closely with Fabian and their co-first author paper was recently published in Nature

Maggie MaUCSD Undergraduate

Maggie Ma is majoring in Biology and Computer Science. She works with Joe and Fabian on computational pipelines to study variants within enhancers.

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