Lab Members

Emma FarleyPI
NIH New Innovator Awardee

Emma started the Farley lab at UCSD in September 2016. She has a joint appointment in the School of Medicine and Biological Sciences.

Ben SongGraduate student
Sequencing Tsar

Ben is a third year graduate student on the Biological Sciences Graduate Program at UCSD. He did his undergrad at MIT.  

Fabian LimGraduate student
Evolutionary Biology Fanatic

Fabian is the longest serving member of the lab, joining in Sept 2016 as an undergraduate researcher.  She studies an enhancer grammar conserved across 500 million years. 

Sophia LeResearch Technician

Sophia joined the lab in November 2018. In June 2021 she graduated from UCSD with a degree in Human Biology. She keeps the lab stocked with reagents and looks after our Ciona and mice.

Granton JindalPostdoc
AHA Postdoctoral Fellow

Granton joined the lab in Nov 2017. He studied Bioengineering at Caltech and was a graduate student at Princeton University. 

Jessica GrudzienLab Manager
Runs the Lab & Studies Enhancer Grammar

Jessica joined the lab in April 2017. She graduated with a B.S. in Human Biology in June 2017 and completed her Masters in June 2018. 

Joe Solvason Graduate student
Pipeline Guru

Joe joined the lab in June 2019, he is a Bioinformatics and Systems Biology graduate student. He is creating pipelines to analyze our large enhancer screens. 

The humble Sea Squirt Our favourite model organism
Emerging Star of Functional Genomics

In this organism, we can test millions of enhancers in every cell of millions of developing embryos.

Genevieve RyanPostdoc

Genevieve joined our team in October 2018 after completing her undergrad at UC Berkeley and her PhD here at UCSD.

Michelle RagsacGraduate student
Computational Whiz

Michelle is a graduate student on the Bioinformatics and Systems Biology program. She joined the lab in Jan 2019. She studied Bioengineering and Bioinformatics at UCSD.  

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